“Growing up, I had a pretty hard time in school, but Sherrie always knew I was smart and pushed me to work hard and do better. I’ve spent years telling everyone I am bad at math, until recently. My fiancée’s little brother needed help with math, and despite not having done most of it in YEARS, I still remembered how to do quadratic equations, fractions, cross multiplying, and more.

My fiancé looked at me at one point and asked me why I keep saying I’m bad at math, when I was even teaching him a few things! It was a really cool moment for me to know that I really do understand this stuff. So thank you Sherrie for doing what you do, and making such a huge difference in people’s lives.”

Cass Olson, Former Student

“Sherrie Clark unlocked the door to my daughter’s success in math. Today we are celebrating Allyn’s academic achievements –  she just transferred to a 4-year university and is living independently in an on-campus studio apartment. This is a future we never envisioned for her. Allyn was born early and had learning disabilities. In the 5th grade, she was floundering in math while the rest of the class was racing ahead.

Sherrie has an almost magical way of working with students. She makes math real for kids by using “silly stories”, cleverly designed handouts and models that kids can relate to. She repeatedly goes over the basics and doesn’t move ahead until the student grasps the concept. Allyn worked intensively with Sherrie through high school including every summer break. Sherrie worked with math teachers to tailor curriculum and IEP goals. She held extra sessions to work with Allyn the night before exams to make sure she was well prepared for the test. Allyn successfully completed high school and community college math requirements including algebra, geometry, and statistics.

I truly believe that if it weren’t for Sherrie Clark, Allyn would not be where she is today. If she had failed math, she would not have had the confidence or desire to further her schooling. Instead, she learned from Sherrie that she could succeed in math and this confidence fueled her academic accomplishments. Sherrie Clark is the best investment of time and money that you can make in your child’s academic future.  Sherrie – thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”

Annette Keochekian, Parent of a Student

“I’m a 30-something returning student who suffered from math anxiety. After becoming frustrated at not understanding the core concepts of math from high school, I sought out help. Sherrie is an outstanding math tutor who explains the fundamentals of math in a way that not only makes sense, but is also fun! She is very attentive to my specific needs and always knows ahead of each session what we’ll be working on. My anxiety has dissipated and my confidence has skyrocketed. Don’t let bad instruction in high school put you off getting a degree, Sherrie will help you and you’ll enjoy the process.”

Andrew Lightfoot, Graduate Student at U.C. Davis

“Sherrie helped me master all of the basic concepts I needed to know in math for all of junior high and high school.  Her teaching was fun and engaging and helped me to stay ahead.”

Quinn Brown, Junior at Davis Senior High School

“Sherrie was a great teacher.  She taught me everything I needed to know to pass the DJUSD exams to start junior high at the highest math level for 7th grade students.”

Bo Brown, 7th Grader at Frances Harper Junior High School

“Sherrie helped me get ahead in school and taught math in a way that was fun and simple to understand.”

Scout Brown, Freshman at U.C. Santa Barbara

“All three of our kids went to Sherrie’s math classes from 3rd-6th grade and we would ABSOLUTELY, NO QUESTION, do it all over again.  She makes math fun and takes the mystery out of it. Sherrie is refreshingly “no nonsense” which the kids learned right away. Every child I know that has learned from Sherrie expresses a deep affection and an abiding respect for her.  She has high expectations, but she builds the kids up and has their best interests at heart. She is selfless and she encourages the kids to call her for help if they are unsure about their math assignments. If you value a strong foundation in math for your child, you can do no better than Sherrie Clark.”

Tom Brown & Emily Andrada-Brown, Parents of Students