I work with students from elementary school through Calculus in person or online. I offer a variety of approaches which can be personalized to meet the needs and learning style of the student. I also work with adults who need to relearn or refresh their math skills in order to fulfill requirements for professional advancement or schooling. If you find yourself in the same position, then don’t hesitate to find a private math tutor.

Elementary Classes

I hold twice weekly one hour sessions for 3rd-6th graders. I teach them math and assign them homework. Yes, elementary students are taught math at school and already have homework… But all too often the needs of the individual students (whether they need more personal attention or more of a challenge) cannot be accommodated and they don’t master the concepts– which causes problems later. Working with me, students build a strong foundation in the basics of math that supports them through junior high, high school, and beyond. If your child is much older and still needs help with math, maybe even some other subjects too, then consider enrolling them in online high school programs.

One-on-One Tutoring

For those students who need a more personalized approach, I offer one-on-one sessions. Throughout the year I work with students from 3rd grade to Calculus, including adults. Students come for help to catch up at school, get ahead, to “jump” to a higher level of math, stay sharp over the summer, get a refresher, or simply to get additional support with tutoring that they can’t get in a traditional classroom.

Drop In Nights

During the school year I offer weekly “Drop In” sessions for the various math levels in junior high and high school. Students get help with homework and prepare for upcoming exams. Depending on what the student needs I explain the math in a fresh way to help them understand the concepts behind the numbers, develop “cheat sheets” to help them study on their own, or create practice tests.

Math Levels with Drop In Nights include:

– Pre Algebra– Common Core 2 & 3
– Algebra– Integrated I, II, & III
– Geometry– Advanced Integrated III
– Algebra II– Pre-Calculus
– Trigonometry– Calculus

Contact me to discuss how we can use these methods, and others, to personalize instruction and fit your/your student’s individual needs.

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